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Kawasaki Ninja 250R Cup Round2, 2nd June 2013

The second round of the Kawasaki Ninja 250R ended on the 2nd of June, 2013 at the Sepang International Circuit.  Into its 2nd year, the Ninja 250R Cup has carved out a name for itself in the local and international arena for producing top world class riders.

Results of Race 2 Round 2 is as follows:

Ninja250R riders in the pit suiting up for the Race 2

Ninja250R riders at the pit suiting up for the Race 2

Ninja 250R riders leaving the pit to take their positions at the starting grid

Ninja 205R riders on the grid getting ready for Race 2

Ninja 205R riders racing on the Sepang track

Ninja 250 riders on the Sepang track

In his closing address to the 20 Ninja riders, Steven Ong, the CEO of Bikeart Racing said:

“Bikeart Racing Academy has a proven and tested track record in the organising of the Ninja 250R Championship.  Amongst those who have gone through with our training are the Baharudin brothers Zamani, Fuad and Nashrul,  Haslanshah and Husni Aizat, a graduate from the 2012 SIC Ninja 250 Cup series.”

Steven continued to motivate the young SIC Ninja 250R riders by saying “Whether you are the first or the last all of you are part of the Ninja 250R  and must show your best attitude and character in and out of the track.  Of course the best rider will win in the race but how can he win if he does not have a good team to support him.  In Bikeart, therefore the emphasis in on team work, the mechanics, crew and the trainers and facilitators will have to do their 100% best.  On the track the riders will often have to give 110% or even 120% because sometimes the conditions are not optimal. ”

“Your training is not over yet. The reason why many of you find this training tough is because you are not physically fit and mentally prepared.  Commit on your team to win and you will win forever.  Correct your attitude and always do your best.  The third round is in September and all riders have been given a 16 minit training program and specific nutrition guide by the trainers.  All riders must stick to their training program because it will show at the end of September”

The mechanics and crew of Bikeart are integral to the Racing Academy's effort to produce champions

Warming up before and warming done after the race are crucial part of the riders routine

Debriefing after every race helps riders to correct their mistakes and improve on their racing skills on the track

Strict control of body weight and body fat throughout the 7 months training ensures riders in tip top condition

It is compulsory for all riders to attend the nutritional and track safety course conducted by professionals

All riders are required to attend fitness training to improve their strength, stamina and relexes

Every month riders are required to sit for a Basic Fitness Assessment (BFA) to monitor their physical training progress

Riders are taught to train on the RIP 60 during off race seasons

Riders who do not show progress in their physical performance have to undergo additional sessions

2013 Ninja 250R riders in high spirits after a gruesome weekend of racing and training at Round 2



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